Marie-Thérèse Ross was awarded a First Class BA hons in painting in the early 1980s from Loughborough College of Art and Design, she went onto to study sculpture in Germany for a year at Karlsruhe Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste with the British sculptor Michael Sandle RA. She studied sculpture for her MA at the University of Pennsylvania in the USA. 

Marie-Thérèse's work has been described as Magical Realism. She explores the world from within, by focusing on the human figure, the furniture that surrounds it and animals – imagery includes, crows, wolves- which are a metaphor drawing upon myth, biographical stories and narrative to examine the human condition, its strengths and its frailties.  This imagery is used as a container for our consciousness, and the vehicle in her exploration of themes.  These issues include sexuality, identity, immigration, personal experiences, and memory, combined with fairy tale like imagery.

Sculptures are often fragmented, dismembered, or substituted altogether, anthropomorphic human features like hands and feet are fused onto chairs and stools. Her early background as a painter allows her to move seamlessly back and forth between two and three dimensional ways of working.  She continuously experiments with materials and structure, looking for equivalences of mark and form in a variety of media and allow each work to dictate its needs.  She often works with paper collage as well as using wood and mixed media.  Her sculptures are made of a combination of laminated wood parts and found objects and wood off-cuts which are carved away, and painted, reflecting her love of colour.  Her work might hang on the wall, lean or sit between wall and floor, or move completely into the physical space of the viewer.

She participates in group shows in various galleries including the Zabludowicz Collection, OVADA Gallery Oxford, NoFormat Gallery, Arthouse1, in 2019 she was selected by Sacha Craddock for the Creekside Open.

Her work is in private collections in the USA, Germany, France, and the UK. Marie-Thérèse has worked for many years as a museum educator both in New York and in London including the National Gallery and the Wallace Collection.  Working in museums such as these has left a mark on her work and she often use compositions and themes found in the works of the great masters of European painting. 



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