Marie-Thérèse Ross is based in London, and is an Art Gemini Prize winner (2021). 


Marie-Thérèse Ross explores the hidden workings of the mind, she focuses on states of physical, emotional & psychological transformation. Her imagery includes the human figure & its interaction with furniture, she makes anthropomorphic furniture as well as mythological creatures & birds, Sculptures are fragmented to capture the sensation of movement, including flight as well as the drawn line. Imagery is used as a container for our consciousness, and the vehicle in her exploration of themes - sexuality, identity, immigration, personal experiences. 

Her work might hang on the wall, lean, or sit between wall and floor, or move completely into the physical space of the viewer.


Sculptures are made of a combination of laminated wood parts, found objects and up-cycled wood, which is carved away, and painted, reflecting her love of colour.  Colour adds an extra layer of expression and meaning to the whole. Wood is chosen for its mass which echoes drawn and cut-out lines found in her drawings and collages, lending itself well to her collage like process of working.  Dowels join and secure pieces together, they are often left exposed rather than smoothed away and hidden. Surfaces are not polished, the grain of the wood is left visible, and the process of making revealed.


Marie-Thérèse Ross was awarded a First Class BA hons in painting from Loughborough College of Art and Design, she went onto to study sculpture in Germany for a year at Karlsruhe Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste with the British sculptor Michael Sandle RA. She studied sculpture for her MA at the University of Pennsylvania in the USA. 

She participates in group shows in various galleries including the Zabludowicz Collection, OVADA Gallery Oxford, NoFormat Gallery, Arthouse1, in 2019 she was selected by Sacha Craddock for the Creekside Open.

Her work is in private collections in the USA, Germany, France, and the UK. Marie-Thérèse has worked for many years as a museum educator both in New York and in London including the National Gallery and the Wallace Collection.  Working in museums such as these has left a mark on her work and she often use compositions and themes found in the works of the great masters of European painting. 



Instagram / Artist Support Pledge: www.instagram.com/marietherese_ross/

Kingsgate Workshops Trust: www.kingsgateworkshops.org.uk