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Wings of desire A cry from the heart Thesus and the minotaur Have you indeed the courage to go out into the big world Strange fruit
“We know, we know” Twittered the birds   St Francis and the animals   Mano meets Sigmund   Orphelia’s Song   La belle Nena dans les bois
Now we shall see what thou wilt dream of tonight   Cursed and Despised   The flowers of St Francis   JS Bach Partita Allemanda   Golden Thread
My father, Freud and other stories   Goblin Market   “Here” he said, “Mano take my arm and lead the way.   Between Dreaming and Waking   I am that merry wanderer
Shattered ugly heart   Man is but a beast, if he go about to expound this dream   I Woke to Find the Wolves Gone All Except One   All is lost in the labyrint   Wolf Man I
Promenons nous dans les bois   Une faim de loup   I love the Spring   My father as St Jerome   The birds loved her as one of their own
Eve   Darkling Fir   Les Bois Sont Deja Noirs   Sycamore Buds   Venus and Cupid
WolfMan   Night Time   Collage   Melancholia   Birdsong
Magnolia   Les Fleurs Du Mal   Tree Girl   Summer Fruit   Tree
Wolf Man II   Birdsong At Night   Sycamore Seeds   Still Life   Le Chant D'un Oiseau
L'Enfant Et L'Oiseau   Self Portrait   Legere Comme Une Plume   Nena   Bouquets